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While your goal is to obtain financing for your home, mine is to match you with the right product and lender so you can OWN YOUR HOME FASTER. There are a few things that differentiate us from other MORTGAGE BROKERS and LENDERS:

  1. ACCESS: We have great relationships with Canada’s Best Mortgage Lenders. They offer the most COMPETITIVE MORTGAGE RATES and each has a different approval criteria and risk tolerance. We spend the time to get to know you so that we can accurately match you with them.
  2. EXPERIENCE: My team and I have been doing this for a very long time. Each of us offers a different type of expertise to our clients. By having an in-depth understanding of the MORTGAGE APPROVAL process, we proactively mitigate roadblocks and red flags before submitting deals for consideration.
  3. EMPATHY: Like you, we are HOMEOWNERS. We live in your town (RED DEER) and have applied for our own mortgages. Because we are self employed, we are in the unique position to evaluate the MORTGAGE APPLICATION PROCESS from different points-of-view so that we can create a convenient, comfortable and hassle free buying experience for you.
  4. COMPETITIVE MORTGAGE RATES: We’re grateful to have such a great group of clients and are proud to be able to offer you amazing rates. The more our business grows, the more negotiating power we have to offer you exclusive rates.

I love what I do and promise to always act in your best interest. When you win, we win. Let’s get started! (403) 588-8657 or Apply Now




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