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When Your Marriage Does Not Go As Planned

Separation Mortgages

The pealing of the wedding bells has faded...the realtionship has changed...for one reason or many you are both moving on. SO many decisions have to be made. At times its overwhelming. its important that you get good advice on your options early in your process. You need good people on your team.

The landscape is changing for Canadian marriages. This means that we as mortgage brokers need to adapt to meet the changing needs of Canadians. Our team has paid partticular attention to mortgage options for our clients who are separating.

For instance, did you know that instead of selling your matrimonial home, there may be an option for one of you to remain in the home? There are a few things that you need to have in place:

1. Both parties on title for the property

2. Legal separation agreement in place

3. Purchase agreement for one party to purchase from the other

4. Full appraisal

With all of these pieces in place, you could have the option to access up to 95% of the value of your home to pay out the spouse who will no longer be residing in the home. We have partnered with mortgage lenders that understand what needs to be done and have the best products and rates. As always, please contact Brandi Pierik and her Red Deer Mortgage Broker Team at 403-588-8657 or check out the website at

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