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What are you going to do about that Pink Shag Carpet?

Renovation Mortgages

So your Realtor has shown you the PERFECT home, in the PERFECT neighbourhood, close to the PERFECT schools with the PERFECT pink shag.....wait a minute....!!! GASP!!

Somehow, the pink shag carpet and the avocado green tub really don't fit into your vision of the perfect home. And the majority of your savings is going into your down payment, so there will not be enough ready cash to do any major renovations to a new property. 

SO...what now????

Do you go back to the drawing board? Look at another 30 homes while still dreaming of this one?

Never fear, intrepid Home Buyer!!

Brandi Pierik and her team of Red Deer Mortgage Brokers has a solution for you!

We can work the cost of your approved renovations into your mortgage by adding them to the total purchase price. You can begin to erase the ravages of the 70's and 80's immediately upon possession of your beautiful home!! And all for a minimum 5% down payment of the purchase price plus the renovation. And all at the best discounted rates you have come to expect.

Please phone Brandi Pierik at 403-588-8657 to find out how!!

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